According to Codex Alilmentarius, the real caviar consists of eggs from fish of the family Acipenseridae and Huso. Eggs of other species of fish or other animals, or even artificial products obtained from other substances of biological origin, even if marketed under misleading advertising names or even explicitly called "caviar", are not caviar but substitutes (substitutes) or imitations, which cannot be remotely compared to real caviar in value, taste refinement, organoleptic properties.
To know what you buy it is very important to understand the label on the back of the package that respects the indications on the labelling proposed by the "Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Animals and Plants" (CITES)It is compulsory to use sturgeon eggs all over the world. This is the only way in which the consumer can learn about the sturgeon species that produced the caviar, its origin, whether caught or farmed, the country of origin, the year of production, the producer and the lot, and, if so, the repackager.