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" There is more simplicity in the man who eats caviar by impulse than in the man who eats cereals on principle..“
Cit. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Almas Beluga

Almas Beluga caviar is the finest food jewel in the world, its name is associated with luxury and opulence. Almost nowhere to be found, of Iranian origin in the Caspian Sea area. Its characteristic is the very particular and unusual bright white color due to the lack of melanin, a genetic prerogative of very few members of the species Huso Huso. From this color derives its name, Almas, which in Persian means diamond. Its value is as high as that of a precious gem. Almas Beluga has a distinct personality: very rare, extraordinary, sophisticated. It has a silky and soft membrane, a creamy texture and a sweet but very complex taste, rich in nuances, intended for those seeking the authentic flavor of Iranian caviar.

Imperial Beluga

Physically, this is the largest sturgeon and the only predator in the sturgeon family. This species is distinguishable from the other sturgeons due to the following characters, the barbels reach the mouth, the mouth is bigger, the snout is up, the bony shields on the sides on the back are smaller, the maximum dimensions are much greater, from 5,3 to 7,5 metres in the males, The females are 20% more ie 9 meters. It can reach a maximum weight of 1500 kg. The beluga Huso Huso is remarkably strong vigorous, large and perennially nomadic, it follows its preys, schools of coregoni. Imperial Beluga caviar, is dark grey, is very appreciated for its large granules and delicate skin: the lighter it is, the more you will want it.

Royal Beluga

The Huso Huso beluga sturgeon is remarkably strong vigorous, big and perennially nomadic, it follows its preys, schools of choregoni. The Royal Beluga caviar, is dark gray, is very appreciated for its large granules and delicate skin: the lighter it is, the more you will want. The size of the eggs is 2.8 millimeters.

Royal Sevruga Baerii

The Royal Sevruga Baerii is an exclusive and unique caviar as it is the combination of two very similar sturgeons. The Baerii is the Siberian sturgeon, it is one of the smallest sturgeons, its weight rarely exceeds 10 kilos. The Sevruga can reach a maximum length of 1.5 m and rarely weighs more than 25 kg. The Royal Sevruga Baerii caviar is a medium and small caviar, its light gray eggs burst joyfully in the mouth, leaving a sweet and nutty taste.

Caviar Milan

You don’t really need a special occasion for caviar; it’s a special occasion in it self.

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