Services for restaurateurs

The catering service has always been Caviar From Milan's favorite channel, our consultants are available to guide you in choosing the best product suitable for your menu, and to build a dedicated service to meet your needs.

High quality and absolute freshness of the product are these essential values ​​for our products.
This is why we ask you to place your order by Monday for delivery by Thursday.

Cold is always guaranteed for the entire route
In order to perfectly maintain the Cold Chain within the temperature range established by law, from 2 to 6 degrees, distribution throughout the country is entrusted to leading companies operating in the temperature-controlled logistics sector, guaranteeing delivery within 18 hours of shipment. The goods arrive in the logistics platform of Milan directly from Iran, and then leave again on the same day towards their final destination.

The result? 
Our products arrive directly in your kitchen in a very short time, with the guarantee of never having experienced sudden changes in temperature.

Do you want the very fresh and high quality real Iranian caviar for your restaurant?
Ask our consultants for the price lists and conditions dedicated to your business and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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