Imperial Beluga

Physically, this is the largest sturgeon and simultaneously the only predator-in the family. The beluga is remarkably strong vigorous large mouthed and perpetually nomadic, stubbornly following its prey, shoals of whitefish. It can measure up to 6meter in length and may weigh over 1000 kg. The normal size specimen range from 40 to 300 kg and yields about 15% of its weight in caviar. Beluga caviar, light to dark grey, is highly esteemed due to its large granules and delicate skin: the lighter it is, the more you’ll want.

Royal Sevruga e Baerii  

This species is trim and small, and features a pointed snout with an upward tilts. The Sevruga maximum length is 1.5 m and rarely weighs more than 25 kg. Its caviar is dark to light grey, fine-grained and very popular due to its distinguished flavor. The BaeriiCaviar is originally the Siberian sturgeon, it is one of the smallest sturgeons, its weight rarely exceeding 10 kilos. The Baerii caviar is close in appearance and texture to the grain of the Sevruga Caviar. Medium to small size, its gray to light gray eggs joyously burst in the mouth, leaving a sweet, nutty flavor.


Almas Beluga

Almas Beluga caviar is the finest food jewel in the world, its name is associated with luxury and opulence. Almost nowhere to be found, of Iranian origin in the Caspian Sea area. Its characteristic is the very particular and unusual bright white color due to the lack of melanin, a genetic prerogative of very few members of the species Huso Huso. From this color derives its name, Almas, which in Persian means diamond. Its value is as high as that of a precious gem. Almas Beluga has a distinct personality: very rare, extraordinary, sophisticated. Tasting it is pure emotion, an incomparable sensory experience, historically exclusive luxury of the Shah of Persia. It has a silky and soft membrane, a creamy texture and a sweet but very complex taste, rich in nuances, intended for those seeking the authentic flavor of Iranian caviar. A symphony for the
palate, must be tasted cold.